LandmarkTech provides customers with various customized structure boards with wide temperature range design (-40℃~+70℃) based on COM-E modules.

Firmware & BSP
Concentrating on between board hardware and OS driver layer, LandmarkTech provides base firmware, BSP customization and development, optimizes compatibility between driver, OS and hardware, and meets the needs of customer OS customization. As a result, the customers do not have to consider base hardware.

Base driver
In addition to hardware solutions, LandmarkTech provides driver development service as well, so as to ensure reliable operation of customer application.

In accordance with different chip solutions, LandmarkTech provides customers with customized development on OSs such as Kylin, Linux, Win CE, Win XP, Win 7 and Android.

Package, library and middleware
In order to meet the needs of diversified fields and make the base layer call easier from customer’s application layer program, LandmarkTech provides library functions as Autorun, function keys, LCD and touch screen, communication module, BeiDou Navigation module, USB, network and RFID.

According to the requirement of sector-specific localization, LandmarkTech provides solutions of high proportion of localization in order to meet the special needs of the customers.